Savage Arms 47700 A17 Sporter 20″ 10-SH Accu TGR BLUED/BLACK SYN


Savage Arms 47700: Introducing the A17, 17 HM2 to the Savage semi-automatic A Series. The 17 HM2 is a flat shooting tack driver with achievable velocities of 2,100 ft/s. The proven delayed-blowback action used in the A17 17 HMR is replicated in the new offering to support the high pressures of the Mach 2 caliber. The A17 17 HM2 is designed with a free-floating, button rifled barrel, corrosion resistant chrome plated bolt, bolt release and removable dust cover for improved functionality. Its steel receiver is made to withstand increased pressure and prevent porosity and voids. With these performance enhancing features, this rifle is a threat to small varmint in any field.

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