M91/30 Mosin Nagant Modified Sniper Rifle, Bent Bolt, 7.62x54r, Arsenal Refurbished w/ Side Rail For Scope … No Scope Included – Ukrainian Modification


This is a very special group of Russian made rifles that were imported from the Ukraine. We are told that they were original Russian Bent Bolt Sniper Rifles but that they did not have their scopes with them when they were received into the Ukraine. In lieu of having the scopes with them the Ukranian’s fitted the rifles with a side rail that would allow the rifle to accept most standard PSOP / FPK / Etc… scope mounts and for whatever reason they also threaded the ends of the barrels allowing the rifles to accept muzzle breaks. They also have very slight modifications which made them purchase legal for the Ukrainian civilian market and also allowed them to be exported. They are a very unique find. All remaining rifles are Ishevsk manufacture with the factory installed muzzle break.  See Video and Brutus Description for full details.

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