Enfield #4 .303 Caliber Bolt Action Rifle. Overall Surplus Very Good to Excellent – Private Collection – C & R Eligible


Historic Lee Enfield #4 Bolt Action Rifle in .303 British Caliber. This is a very small and very select lot from a private collection that we have recently obtained and each rifle has distinguishing characteristics that are unique to that particular rifle. The rifles are unique in that they are South African marked on the recieivers. As such they are a very rare find! We will be selling each individually by it’s serial # as listed under the custom options below.

The Enfield #4 Rifle was the workhorse of the British Empire and they remain highly sought after by shooters, hunters, and collectors today. They are somewhat difficult to come by and very nice ones such as these are extremely rare. Add to that the unique characteristics and marking that these possess and you have a highly collectible rifle that anyone would be proud to own. All are C & R Eligible. See accompanying video for details.

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