Browning 011-8882004 A5 12 3.5 Timber Shotgun


Browning 0118882004: The iconic humpback-shaped receiver is the only thing this new Browning autoloader shares with its legendary namesake. The A5 is ideal for hunting/sporting clays/turkey. The new Browning A5 is built to be the most reliable, fastest cycling, best performing and softest shooting recoil-operated autoloader. Kinematic Drive harnesses recoil energy and converts it into the mechanical motion needed to operate the action. The A5 feels incredibly balanced in your hands from pad to muzzle. It places your front hand closer to the bore line for superior hand-eye coordination and pointability. Features- a composite, camouflage stock with close radius pistol grip, textured gripping surfaces and is shim-adjustable for length of pull, cast and drop; 1/4″ and 1/2″ stock spacers included for length of pull adjustment and Fiber optic front sight and ivory mid-bead. Includes a T-wrench and three Invector DS choke tubes- full, modified and improved cylinder.

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